Buckeye? Bearcat? Rumors? We Have The Latest

Buckeye? Bearcat? Rumors? We Have The Latest

Sunday became one of those days only the internet can allow. First word broke longtime Colerain High School head coach Kerry Coombs was leaving to become a coach at Cincinnati, then word spread one of his star players had interest in following him to UC and was also facing some legal issues. We didn't waste any time and went right to the source for the latest.

The internet, it's a great thing to have in this world of technology and one that can be misused with the stroke of a keyboard. That's what happened on Sunday when news broke that longtime Colerain High School head coach Kerry Coombs was stepping down and moving over to become the defensive back's coach at the University of Cincinnati.

Now while this may not be big news to some, those who follow recruiting know full well the Colerain Cardinals have one of the top prospects in the country who happens to play in the defensive backfield. Now do you see where this is going? With word that Coombs was leaving his high school position, rumors broke around the internet that his star player would soon follow. So are these rumors true or just the stuff that happens on the internet? We have the facts as they stand now after getting off the phone with the safety prospect.

Dave Berk: What went through your mind when you found out Coach Coombs was going to leave Colerain and become a coach at Cincinnati?

Eugene Clifford: At first I was shocked because we have a good team coming back next season. But after thinking about it I feel this is a good move for him and his family.

Dave Berk: With Coach Coombs leaving and going to Cincinnati, does this affect your status as a verbal commitment to Ohio State?

Eugene Clifford: I'm still solid with OSU at this time. I'm set to take my official visit to Ohio State on January 12th so nothing has changed with me and Ohio State.

Dave Berk: As you know the internet can sometimes move very fast with news and rumor. Today, not only was there news of Coach Coombs leaving, there was talk you'd gotten in trouble with the law. Is there any truth to this or is it just talk?

Eugene Clifford: There is nothing to the rumor and I've seen it myself. It's just a lot of people talking to talk. This is no big deal and I'm not worried about it.

As you can understand things have been moving very fast for Eugene and he didn't want to talk too much tonight. We'll touch base later with Eugene when things slow down and he knows all the facts in what happened today.

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