Video Interview - Brent Celek After Rutgers

Video Interview - Brent Celek After Rutgers

Saturday night was a very emotional night for Brent Celek and his senior teammates. It was there last home game and they had a chance to earn another win towards a bowl and make their mark in the Bearcats history books.



Many years from now when I'm even older then I am today, I hope to look back on my time covering the Bearcats and remember the names of yesteryear with great affection.  One of the names that I will always remember is Brent Celek.


It's hard to believe the time has come for Brent Celek and the University of Cincinnati to part ways.  Saturday the former LaSalle Lancers made his final appearance in a Bearcat uniform on the field turf of Nippert Stadium.  In doing so he left every Bearcat fans in attendance with a memory we'll talk about for many years to come.  But before I allow you to view our video interview after the Rutgers game last night, here are a few more things to remember about number 85.


I remember one of the first times I had the chance to speak with one of the members of the Bearcats coaching staff.  Our conversation was about the players on the team and who really stood out amongst the veterans returning for spring practice 2005.  Without a flinch this coach said Brent Celek is a young man you really need to speak with.  When asked why Celek should be a player we talk to, the coach was quick to explain we wouldn't find a better person on or off the field then the junior tight end.


What I didn't know the first time I spoke with Brent was just how much he reminded me of my younger brother.  Brent no only did the work on the field but he also had pride in doing it right in the classroom and away from football in his private life.  One thing I'll always remember is the look on Brent's face after a tough battle.  If the Bearcats won he praised his teammates and didn't take much credit.  If the Bearcats loss he'd take the blame and shed away any talk of someone else causing the teams failure.


When it comes down to his performance on the field no one will be able to question his outstanding ability to catch the football and make great runs after the catch.  I think I'll always remember three runs from the two seasons of watching Brent play up close and personal. 


The first one came during Celek's junior year and in his first Big East Conference game against Pittsburgh.  Taking a pass from quarterback Dustin Grutza, Celek soon found contact from the Panthers defense.  But instead of going down for a nice gain you saw the nice guy turn mean and show his super strength by knocking off a couple of tacklers and powering himself into the end zone for a touchdown. 


While that play stands out it's not the only one I've witness with amazement as this year also saw Brent take a pass from Grutza and then bowl over a couple of Akron defenders to score a touchdown I thought would be hard pressed to upstage.


But Saturday night I was proven wrong again as Brent left his trademark on all those in attendance at Nippert and to a national television audience with taking a Nick Davilla pass and refusing to go down on his way towards an 83 yard touchdown.


In closing I'll always remember Brent Celek as "Mr. Bearcat" for his play and his dedication to helping Cincinnati football take the next steps towards becoming a Top 25 program.


This is a special "One-on-One" video interview we conducted after the Bearcats victory over #7 ranked Rutgers. 


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