Double Trouble in 2006

Double Trouble in 2006

With two very athletic and young players, Coach Dantonio is looking for them both to make big strides in helping his offense reach a new level in 2006. See why Dominick Goodman and Jared Martin will become "Double Trouble" for defenders next fall.

When looking at the receiver position for the Bearcats this spring, it's easy to see why Coach Dantonio feels good about the future as two young players are taking major strides in his program.

Bearcat Insider spoke with these two young men and got their comments about how things are going. We first spoke with Dominick Goodman who saw playing time increase as the 2005 football season progressed. The next Bearcat we spoke with was Jared Martin who saw the staff give him a redshirt as they made the choice of what side of the football he would line up on.


Dominick Goodman made great strides on the field last fall, now he's looking to take the next step and become the threat on offense Bearcat fans remember from his days at Colerain High School.

Bearcat Insider: Dominick you guys are back in pads, how does it feel?

Dominick Goodman: Yea, it's something new having not had pads on since fall. I've had to get use to running and getting contact again but we've had a couple of nice practices.

Bearcat Insider: It looks like you've made several plays this spring?

Dominick Goodman: Yes, the quarterbacks have been putting it on the money and that's allowed me to make some plays.

Bearcat Insider: What's your main goal this spring?

Dominick Goodman: As a team it's to win the Big East, as a player it's just to get better and improve each day.

Bearcat Insider: Are you more comfortable now as a receiver or are you still getting use to it?

Dominick Goodman: Yea I'm getting comfortable each day it comes learning more what a receiver needs to do and what situation a receive needs to be in, but I'm getting better and learning each day.

Bearcat Insider: A year ago you visited during spring practice as a high school student, does it feel different now that you are playing football in the spring?

Dominick Goodman: Yea it's real different, it's something new, it feels like I'm playing football year around like basketball but its fun playing a sport you love to do.


Jared Martin is showing why Coach Mark Dantonio recruited him so fast with his athletic ability and speed on the field.  Look for Jared to be an impact player during the 2006 season for the Bearcats.

Bearcat Insider: Jared you're kind of the guy having a big spring right now, how does it feel?

Jared Martin: Well it's my first chance to run with the ones and two's on offense so far, so I'm just trying to do the best I can do.

Bearcat Insider: When you came in last fall the coaches have moved you around from defense to offense, were do you prefer to play?

Jared Martin: I'll play where the team needs me to play, but I prefer to play receiver, I enjoy it more and feel I'm better at wide receiver, but I'll do what the coaches want me to do. But I prefer wide receiver.

Bearcat Insider: Besides football you're also doing some track, what's that like and how hard is it?

Jared Martin: Well the winter it was pretty rough doing winter conditioning, a lift and a track practice. But it's starting to slow down with winter conditioning and were getting more practices in on football so that means I'm starting to run a little less track at this time.

Bearcat Insider: One thing fans talk about is the lack of team speed, you're one of the fastest players on the team, do you take that as a insult that fan's don't know enough about you and a few of your other teams?

Jared Martin: I think fans need to come out and see if we don't have any team speed. We'll let how we play speak for ourselves.

Bearcat Insider: What is your main goal this spring?

Jared Martin: I want to learn the offense and grow as a receiver and help the team the best I can. If that means I'm running with the ones or two's that's great, if that means I'm on the scout team I'll do my best there. Recommended Stories

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