Miller Anxious To Be A Bearcat

Miller Anxious To Be A Bearcat

During spring practice Bearcat Insider has the chance to catch up with some of the incoming class to discuss how things are going and if there is a prospect to be found, safety Brandon Miller spoke with BCI on Tuesday.

It's spring break at Withrow High School, but for Brandon Miller, it means only one thing. He now has the time to attend UC's spring football practices and get a head start for next year. Miller had to sit out his senior season with the Tigers due to his age so he's anxious to get back onto the football field. "This is making me even more eager. I want to get out there and be active on the field. Hopefully, I can contribute in a positive way for the Bearcats."

Brandon was the first Bearcat commitment for the class of 2006. He was so anxious to be a Bearcat; he committed early in June and has no regrets. "The staff here made me feel very welcome, very at home. Plus, my mom wanted me to stay close so I‘m very happy I committed early to UC."

Withrow's graduation is May 12, and Brandon plans to waste little time enrolling at Cincinnati. "As soon as I graduate, I'm going to come down and workout with them. I love the weightroom and think I can add some size." But this 6' 2"/185 pound defensive back also understands the need for speed at this level. "My coach (Doc Gamble) told me the biggest difference is the speed of the game. He said everything else is the same. I already have the heart so I know I have to get adjusted to the speed." Brandon reports a 4.5 forty yard dash.

Grades shouldn't be a problem since Brandon estimated his GPA to be a 3.0.

Like many in this year's recruiting class, the coaching staff hasn't yet decided on a position for Brandon. "They haven't decided if I'll be a cornerback or a safety. Today he (Coach Dantonio) even asked me where I wanted to play. I told him I prefer corner, but I play both. It doesn't matter to me." In the Bearcat defense, the cornerbacks are often expected to cover people without much help and can get quite a bit of criticism from fans. So what's so appealing about cornerback? "It's more hands on. The safety sits back there and waits, but I like to be involved right from the start of the play."

Most Bearcat football fans think it's imperative that UC is able to attract and keep the better local players from programs like Withrow‘s. So Brandon was asked about the overall feeling among Withrow's athletes regarding attending Cincinnati. "Our quarterback Bryant Thomas is 100% sure he's coming to Cincinnati. The other ones are not convinced yet, but I plan to talk to them."

Brandon Miller has certainly set his goals high. When asked what he wants Bearcat fans to know about him, he replied, "I want fans to know that I'm a dedicated man, and I'm going to do my best to help bring a national championship here."

There is no doubt this Withrow Tiger is anxious to begin his career as a Bearcat, but with an attitude like his, I'm just as anxious to see him dressed in Bearcat red and black. Recommended Stories

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